Airbnb hits milestone: 10 million guest nights booked

Airbnb, the San Francisco startup that created a community that allows regular people to rent and book spaces to stay all around the world has reached a massive milestone, they’ve booked 10 million guest nights. The company, which was founded in 2008, increased their “Host Guarantee” policy, which will cover hosts from damages their renters might do to their property, to $1 million, after they faced some controversy. Here are some some impressive additional statistics:

  • In 6 months they doubled the number of booked nights
  • A guest books a night with Airbnb every 2 seconds
  • There are currently 200,000 listings, over half of them in Europe
  • 1,200 guests are staying London via Airbnb rentals tonight
  • 3000% growth seen in Russia, 860% in Spain, 720% in Germany and 300% in the US

Next time you’re travelling, you might want to consider Airbnb for booking a place to stay, for a more like-home experience.

Via [TheNextWeb]

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