AT&T vs T-Mobile: Spy vs Spy

In the never-ending battle for your subscribers, AT&T (disclaimer: my carrier for 8 years now) has announced that they too will let you roll-over your unused data, just like T-Mobile does, but only for 1 month.

I used to have their 10GB plan, shared between all my lines, but after going over a couple of times, I decided to take advantage of their double-your-data plan, so I upgraded to the 15GB plan that doubles to 30GB, which is plenty now. We are constantly streaming audio via podcasts, SiriusXM, Spotify and the occasional video via Netflix, DirecTV or Plex.

At first I was a little upset about AT&T only rolling over the data for a month, I quickly realized that I realized that I probably won’t need that much data. Right now, we use about 12GB a month, so lets round it up to 15GB, now I effectively get 45GB of data a month, since last month’s 15GB are going to roll over. That is a ton of data.

I’m rooting for T-Mobile, because it seems like AT&T usually reacts by offering similar options later on. Competition is good for the consumer. Bring it on!

AT&T offers data rollover, but with much stricter limits than T-Mobile | Ars Technica.