Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight

E-ink book readers are great bookworm companions due to their lightweight, month-long battery life and eye-pleasing screen, but reading at night has always been an issue. Until now, you needed a light attachment or simply keeping a lamp on for reading for your ebook in the dark. Introducing the Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight, which is virtually identical as last year’s Nook Simple model, but with the addition of soft-glowing LED lighting that will brighten up the screen enough for night-time reading. You can pre-order B&N’s latest e-reader today for $139, which is the same price that an Amazon Kindle touch goes for (you can get the special offers Kindle for $99 if you don’t mind ads on your homescreen). Battery life isn’t affected: you still get 1 month of reading time, with 1 hours of lighting per night.

The Verge did an in-depth review of the book-selling giant’s latest e-reading device and found out while the LED lighting is a great addition and does a great job of illuminating the screen, it is not quite perfect:

I wouldn’t describe the light as uniform, though. It’s really bright at the top, right next to the LEDs, then there’s a dark stripe right below. It evens out considerably by the time it’s illuminating any text, but it’s still inconsistent enough to make certain lines of text look slightly darker or lighter than others. None of it really impedes the reading experience, but it’s not as nice-looking as a cool, even glow would be.

Healthy competition is great for us gadget consumers and it leads to innovation. The question now is, how will Amazon react?

Via [The Verge]

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