Curved TVs


Not only is the carton drawing about funny, but it really strikes a nerve. Let me present the two point of views:

A. From the perspective of a regular consumer that might already have a big TV in their living room

“This seems like a gimmick. I won’t buy another TV. I already got the latest. In this order. HDTV. Plasma. LED. 120 mhz refresh rate. 240 mhz refresh rate. 3D screen. SmartTV. Now a curved TV? You’ve got to be kidding me”!

“My wall is flat, and my new TV is curved. Now what”?

B. From the perspective of a TV maker.

“Well, you just can’t buy one TV and be done with it. Otherwise you’d be stuck with a black and white set and knobs”.

“Innovation drives technology and curved TVs are the future”.

As someone in the market for a new TV set because we now have a bigger living room and the 46″ TV we have now seems small, all I need is the following: a 60″ flat screen that does great 1080p (no 4K/UHD for me for now, thanks!) with 1 HDMI input. Let it be dumb. I don’t need speakers. How about that Vizio? Some of us just want our TVs to display a great image. Period. We’ve got Apple TVs/Rokus/Chromecasts for the smart part and an audio receiver that handles inputs and audio.