Did Samsung just feature-match and beat Apple?

After reading the entire Samsung Galaxy III coverage, I couldn’t help but wonder, did Samsung just match every of Apple and iOS’s features? Did Samsung take it even a step further in many instances? Let’s take a look:

Apple: Siri vs. Samsung: Smart Stay, Direct Call, S Voice
How Samsung does it better: It understands 8 languages. It can control the camera. It will dial someones number if you’re in the middle of text-messaging someone and you hold the phone up to you ear. It uses the camera to track your eyes and will not dim the screen if you’re reading. It will vibrate when you pick it up if you have notifications.

Apple: iTunes Match vs. Samsung: Music Hub
How Samsung does it better: iTunes Match will scan your hard drive and makes all your music available in the cloud for download/streaming, for $25/year. Samsung’s Music Hub will also scan your hard drive and will create playlists, but you can also stream their 17-million song catalog, all for $10/mo.

Apple: iCloud vs. Samsung: Dropbox partnership.
How Samsung does it better: iCloud comes with 5 GB of cloud-storage. Samsung partnered up with Dropbox and will offer 50 GB to each Galaxy S III owner.

Apple AirPlay vs. Samsung: AllShare Cast.
How Samsung does it better: AirPlay will transmit video/audio to an Apple TV and to OS X Lion. AllShare Cast, along with a new dongle, will also wireless transmit video/audio via WiFi, but will allow for mirroring and sharing on multiple devices, at the same time.

New features

Pop up play: think of it as picture-in-picture for you phone. With the big screen, you’ll be able to watch a video while browsing the web or reading an email. You can also stream a video to another screen (a TV with the AllShare dongle connected to it) while doing something else on the phone.

Buddy Photo Share: it will share pictures with friends it automatically recognizes.

S Beam: Built on top of Android 4.0 beaming capabilities, it will allow you to do a phone-to-phone transfer of files really quickly. 1 GB file in 3 minutes.

What do you think? Did Samsung cover all their bases and throw in some pretty cool features? Will they execute as elegantly and easy as Apple’s features?

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