Drobo introduces two new faster, Thunderbolt-ready NAS

Drobo, the company has makes professional-grade RAID storage arrays and devices, has introduced two new storage appliances for all your data warehousing needs. The first one introduced is the Drobo Mini, a professional-grade and highly portable device that features USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt connectivity. It uses 2.5″ regular spinning hard drives or solid-state drives. It also features a built-in battery backup protection that saves all memory in cache or in the process of being saved.

The second product introduced is the Drobo 5D, which can use five 3.5″ drives, but otherwise has the same features as the Mini, in a full size configuration.
Availability and pricing information wasn’t announced, but you can head on over to Drobo’s site and sign up to be notified.

Via [Gizmodo]