Easy phone sync brings iTunes data to Samsung devices

Do you have a love for Apple’s music, video, photos and contact manager, iTunes and Samsung’s line of Android devices, the Galaxy, but feel left out out the data syncing goodness? Thanks to Easy Phone Sync software (available in Google Play) you’ll be able to use your iTunes data with your Galaxy phone, at least in the UK. Samsung partnered up with Media Mushroom, the developers of Easy Phone Sync and now offers a Windows or Mac app along with the phone application to facilitate the transfer of your valuable bits and bytes.

Great news for recent iOS deserters, but who knows how Apple will react. They have updated iTunes in the past to disallow non-Apple devices from syncing (ehem, Palm), so, if you’re in the UK (or know how to set up a VPN connection) go ahead and bring these two competing worlds together, one USB cable at a time.

Via [Android Central]

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