Electric Buses are the future of mass transit

Electric cars like the Tesla model S and the new model X are the ones that get all the media attention for being sexy and beautiful, but it seems like the future of mass transit is going to be electric.

Electric Bus

A new type of electric bus can go for about 250 miles in initial test, and the range will only inprove as batteries get more efficient over time. Just how much pollution does a bus expell?

[...]it's ready to start to replace the hundreds of thousands of diesel buses in the country, most of which average less than five miles to the gallon and pump out carbon pollution, soot, and carcinogens like arsenic.

Foothill transit, the bus line I use to take to go to college in my broke can't afford a car days, is getting the first batch of electric buses.

As the battery technology improves, cities can swap in upgrades. The first buses will be sold next year to Foothill Transit, which runs routes in Southern California. Five or six years later, by the time the batteries need to be replaced, the replacements may have a range that's 100 miles or more better.

Popple is convinced that every bus will eventually run on electricity, and the question is just how soon that can happen.

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