Face.com acquired by Facebook

After multiple rumors for quite some time now, Facebook has acquired Face.com, for a speculated $100 million. Face.com provides APIs and services that allow social sites to do automatic face recognition, and has also been powering Facebook’s people-recognizing tagging feature. The good news for developers is that they will still allow other sites to use their technology:

“Now, lots of developers use Face.com technology to power various apps and make wonderful products. We love you guys, and the plan is to continue to support our developer community. If there are new developments you can expect to hear from us here, on the developer blog, and through our developer newsletter.”

Its interesting to see Facebook allowing their acquired companies to offer support for developers and competing services, such as their pledge to keep Instagram integrated with Twitter and now keeping Face.com open to developers. Would Google do the same after an acquisition? I highly doubt it.

Via [The Verge]

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