Football vs Soccer

Very interesting read on why Americans generally find soccer to be boring and why Europeans generally find American Football boring. Click thru for the complete thread (via Reddit)

If you look at American sports, they are all very structured and procedural, with standardized repeated plays that are quantified into statistics, and the narrative of the sport is largely told through statistics. We cheer when a quantifiable number is achieved, we find excitement in that which results in a number indicating success. Soccer is completely unlike this, it doesn’t provide the standardized plays that increment in a linear fashion but complete free-form gameplay with only one giant milestone that is difficult to achieve (scoring a goal). To create a gaming analogy, American sports are like turn based games (Civilizations) while soccer is like a RTS (Age of Empires).

via WhatWeOnlyFantasize comments on Length of Game vs. Actual Gameplay–FIXED [OC].