Google introduces new internet/TV service, Google Fiber

The Mountain View internet giant is at it again, this time, Google has introduced a new way to experience the internet and TV with their new service called Google Fiber, and their starting with Kansas City. The new service features a 1000 Mb/second speed, which is blazingly fast, about 100 times faster than the average home internet connection. Take a look at the presentation video below for more details.

The symmetrical 1000 Mb/second internet pipe will cost subscribers $70 a month, or $130 if TV service is also included. The $300 contruction fee (to get the fiber to your house) will be waived if you sign up for any of these planes.

So, if your a lucky Kansas City resident, head on over to the Google Fiber homepage to learn more and pre-register and see if you qualify for the service. The service will start rolling out in September and those neighborhood with the most pre-signups get priority. But be warned, you might get spoiled with a 1000 Mb/second internet connection.

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