Hot Wheels Stunt: Life-sized double loop car track

Please re-read the title again. I’ll wait for you. Ok, did you get that? The picture above is a rendering of the track that will be part of the X-Games event that take place in Los Angeles at the end of this month. The track was designed by Laissez Faire and features a double loop, employs 125 tons of steels and is the length of two football fields with help of roller coaster designers and NASA engineers.

Tanner Foust and Greg Tracy will be the two insane stunt drives that will attempt to race the track in custom-built cars (with the typical Hot Wheels paint job and decals) and will experience a gravitational force of 7 g’s. To perform this stunt correctly, they’ll need to ramp up to 52 MPG, any slower and they won’t make it through the loop, and any faster will the gravitational pull will be too strong for the stunt drivers to handle. These guys trained in actual fighter jets specifically for this stunt.

If you’re L.A. on June 30th, this is your chance to see this stunt live, but for those of you who aren’t planning on going to downtown L.A. on this historic date, I’m pretty sure plenty of videos of this stunt will be available on YouTube shortly after.

Via [Wired]