More push-to-talk devices and services from at&t

If you would’ve told me that there are still people and businesses out there interested in push-to-talk phones and services, I would’ve called you a liar. Well, turns out I’m wrong. At&t mobile has just announced that they will be expanding their push-to-talk trials to more cities due to high interest, higher-than-expect demand and interest in this type of service.

Just a week after Sprint announced that they will be phasing out the Nextel PPT frequencies and network, at&t announces that they will be expanding their PPT coverage nationwide. At&t has also partnered with phone manufacturers and will be releasing 5 PPT-enabled phones, including the South-Korean giant Samsung, exclusively for this service. Their PTT program will be expanding the 26 cities around the US, including New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Dallas and Seattle.

Hit the link below to read the full press release and see the complete list of cities.

Via [PRNewswire]

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