New 12" Macbook Air leaked? Doesn't seem likely.

9to5Mac has gotten a hold of images/rendering of the what is supposed to be the next Macbook Air. It features a 12″ screen, a smaller keyboard layout and they get rid of almost all the ports: there’s only a new type of USB connector and a 3.5mm audio jack.

In my opinion, this won’t be what the Macbook Airs will look like, for several reasons:

  • 12″ is an awkward size. They have an 11″ and a 13″ now, so that 12″ seems odd. They might make the existing screens retina-based.
  • No Thunderbolt port? I doubt it. Version 2 of the this port seems to be a better candidate.
  • There is just something odd about those renderings, almost Photoshop’ed by a non-Apple entity.
  • The power button where the ESC key goes? Not so fast, mister!

Now I’m just speculating on the speculation. Check out the full link to see all the images.