T-Mobile's LTE vs AT&T's 4G (not LTE) - a real comparison?

Have you seen the latest T-Mobile-bashing-AT&T commercial, featuring the cute-turned-hot magenta-clad spokesmodel metaphorically comparing the speed of an iPhone 4S on AT&T’s “4G” network and a generic Android phone on T-Mobile’s 4g LTE spectrum while riding her faster motorcycle past a slower bike. For those of you living under a rock, or not in the USA where these ads run, the commercial is embedded below.

Now lets examine this piece of advertising more closely, and the claims being made. Yes, any 4G LTE phone on a 4G LTE network will be faster than an iPhone 4S, which is capable of pseudo 4G speeds, delivered by AT&T’s HSPA+ network.

Before going any further, lets clarify that at this point, in the US at least, there isn’t a clear distinction between 3G and 4G. 4G is just marketing speak for a bit faster 3G network. An upgraded 3G network, if you will. The real fourth-generation network (4G) is LTE, Long Term Evolution. A completely new wireless network, with real speed improvements. Verizon has the biggest LTE network. AT&T has the fastest.

So, back to the commercial. Is it really fair to compare the iPhone 4S, a “4G-not LTE capable” phone with any other LTE capable phone and network? Its just like comparing Apples and oranges. Pun intended.

What is T-Mobile’s objective here? If people want faster wireless speeds and their iPhone isn’t cutting it, won’t they just stay on AT&T and get any of the high-end LTE-capable Andriods or even a Nokia Lumia Windows phone? I think the real issue here is that the iPhone 4S, or really any iPhone, while works on T-Mobile’s network, doesn’t enjoy 3G speeds, just EDGE. And thats a bummer for T-Mobile, the only major mobile carrier in the US without the iPhone. But that might be changing soon.