The controversy behind getting to the Hollywood Sign


Gizmodo has a great article about the ongoing controversy on what is perhaps California’s most iconic symbol, the Hollywood sign. If you try to get directions to get to the actual sign using Google Maps, Mapquest, Apple Maps and others, it won’t actually give you directions to the sign, but rather to the Griffith Observatory.

Even though Google Maps clearly marks the actual location of the sign, something funny happens when you request driving directions from any place in the city. The directions lead you to Griffith Observatory, a beautiful 1920s building located one mountain east from the sign, then—in something I’ve never seen before, anywhere on Google Maps—a dashed gray line arcs from Griffith Observatory, over Mt. Lee, to the sign’s site. Walking directions show the same thing.

Even though you can very clearly walk to the sign via the extensive trail network in Griffith Park, the map won’t allow you to try.

Head on over to Gizmodo to read the full article and don’t forget to read the comments. Make me wanna go trollin’.

Why People Keep Trying to Erase the Hollywood Sign From Google Maps.