Window Phone update detailed - Tango coming soon

Microsoft has announced in their French and Spanish language site the upcoming refresh to the Windows 7 mobile OS, also known as Tango or Windows Phone 7.5. As usual, it is up to the mobile operators to push the updates to the handsets, so this update will roll-out at different times for users on different carriers.

The list of the improvements include (translated from French using Google translate):

“Messages. Add to your phone of new capabilities for messages. You can now join your IM and MMS several pictures, videos, ringtones and audio notes.

SIM card. Adds functionality related to contacts on SIM card. You can now export phone contacts to a SIM card, and selectively import contacts from a SIM card registered to your phone.

Other improvements. includes many other improvements in Windows Phone.

This update is not available for all phones in all markets.”

Seems like an incremental update, nothing revolutionary, but keep in minde the “Other improvements. includes many other improvements in Windows Phone” part. What does Microsoft have under its sleeve?

Via [WPCentral]

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